Spring Offensive: In Search of Che Lan Vien

He was four years older than her, a young poet and teacher, the son of a low-level clerk, and also from the same province. By the time they had met, he already made a name for himself in literary circles. [Read more]

#PoemResearch: Notes on Researching as a Poet

How ought a poet research? What do poets talk about when we talk about research? Why is it that when poets talk about research it is either a joke or cloaked in an aurora of seriousness? Type the hashtag and see for yourself. [Read more]


North & South

The geography of my imagination has been shifting. New maps are being drawn up. The boundaries are changing. It feels exciting, unsettling, and disorienting to go in a new direction, even if it means returning to the place you come from. [Read more]

Refugee in the Vietnam Archive

In truth, I want my madeleine moment. I have been hoping to stumble across a lost memory or at least hit upon a trove of secondhand ones. [Read more]